Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photos of Egyptian Sudanese American writer Naima (aka Kola Boof)!

(2010 photo of Kola Boof in Harlem)

Kola Boof has mellowed out a lot. We love her because of
daring books like 'The Sexy Part of the Bible" and for being so outspoken and
versatile. This is a Photo blog featuring pics/photos of Kola Boof 
from all different points in her exciting life. Enjoy.
She is known to us as Naima Bint Harith but she is known to
America as the Notorious Kola Boof.
Rohe Queen!

The infamous party on Catalina Island. 2008.

Arab movie days. 1990's. Days the author would much
rather forget when she was Naima Kitar, B-movie
actress and sex kitten.

Infamous photo taken right before Osama Bin Laden took over
her life and made her a sex slave in 1996.

2010 photo of Kola Boof at the
National Black Theater in Harlem.

Kola Boof looking fierce at her boyfriend's
apartment in Harlem 2010.

Kola Boof on her ranch in California.
She loves animals and has horses, goats, dogs,
cats, rams, reptiles and two kids. haha!

Before she could speak English. This is Kola Boof
around age 10 in Washington D.C. a few years after being
adopted by an African-American family. This photo was
taken at Christmas.

Kola Boof on the couch with her boyfriend Posr A. Posr
at his apartment in Harlem. It's rumored that they will be
getting married.

Posr A. Posr

Kola Boof asleep on boyfriend's shoulder.

Kola Boof with legendary author Derrick Bell and her
son Anthony. 

Kola Boof with New York's famous Minister Brown
in 2010.

Kola Boof having dinner in Harlem
with boyfriend Posr.

Kola Boof with her publisher.

The infamous Kola Boof "ass" movie still that
became internet sensation.


Kola Boof with an ex-boyfriend.

Modeling Days for Kola Boof.

Mean Afro wearing Kola Boof in 2011.
Outstanding rack!

Kola Boof the Muslim roots.

Beautiful Kola Boof face.

Got milk? Damn Kola Boof! 

Kola Boof photo from JET magazine.

Kola Boof afro pic!

                                                              I guess she was happy that day!
                                                       Kola Boof's ex husband photo? Not sure.

Kola Boof, Abiola Arabams and Posr.

Kola Boof serious about her book
"Long Train to the Redeeming Sin".

Her most famous photo ever, the classic
"Kola Boof as Sojourner Truth"

Kola Boof in back of her house.
She loves fishing.

Kola Boof feeding Tiberius. 

Kola's most famous book her autobiography.

Man! I frigg'n love this book!

Kola Boof had a baby and he was sick
but turned out alright.

Kola Boof won an award from Sweden for writing
a magazine story that became very famous in that country.
Ottar Magazine.

The New York Times never liked Kola Boof.
She was furious with them writing stories about her
and did not cooperate with them.

Kola Boof is a smart writer but she idolized
Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. She said this
many times on Twitter.

                                                                                More men.


                                                Kola Boof has a new book of poems coming out
                                                   but the book cover is very controversial for
                                                      showing two African women. It is coming out
                                                   in 2010 I heard her say on Facebook. It will be
                                                     twice as many poems as "Nile River Woman."

Kola Boof is very alluring and mysterious.
I fell in love with her after reading this first
poetry collection.

Kola Boof with the legendary late agent Manie Barron
in 2010.

Kola Boof, boyfriend Posr and Nabi at the
National Black Theater of Harlem in 2010.


Kola Boof is my favorite author.
She is smart, beautiful and hotter than any woman alive!
I am glad that she is coming out with
"The Sexy Part of the Bible" in the summer.